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Concierge medicine used to be something reserved for the ultra-rich and celebrities and didn’t quite seem accessible to most patients. Also referred to as retainer medicine, concierge medicine is a mutual relationship between a patient and a physician, where the patients pay an annual retainer or fee. In exchange for the annual fee, physicians agree to offer enhanced medical care, including a commitment to reduce patient loads to guarantee adequate time and availability for every covered patient. Generally, the concept of concierge medicine is great; having a highly qualified doctor who you know, trust, who knows your needs and who’s always there when you need him!

To be more precise, concierge medicine refers to an arrangement between a physician and a patient where the patient pays a certain amount for an urgent care appointment. In return, the patient is entitled to much-improved medical care as well as better access to the doctor.

Instant Medical Care now offers concierge medical service, which involves giving a smaller group of patients individualized attention to greater ability. Patients have the ability to walk in for an urgent care appointment. It is should be noted that there is a set fee for a walk in appointment. However, no insurances are accepted!

So, how does concierge medicine differs from traditional practice models?

To enhance your understanding even further, let us in excruciating details, discuss how it actually differs from its traditional practice models.

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What are the Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is gaining lots of popularity, thanks to the feasible solutions it promises to offer to the never-ending issues in the healthcare industry that affects both the doctor and the patient. Below are some of the benefits of Instant Medical Care’s concierge medicine.

  • Personalized care: With a conventional office practice, a physician is always forced to manage nearly 2000 patients on average and this translates to attending to one patient every 15 minutes! Under such conditions, it can prove difficult to offer personalized medical care. A concierge medicine, on the other hand, allows doctors to work with a relatively lower number of patients, and this enhances personalized care incredibly. Instant Medical Care offers highly specialized care such as 24-hour access to the physician, guaranteed same-day visits and treatment, low waiting room times and on rare occasions, house calls. Simply put, as a patient, you have every reason to switch to concierge medicine!
  • It is fairly more affordable: Instant Medical Care’s concierge practice is not only more affordable but offers high-quality medical care.
  • It results in better medical services: Chronic diseases are on the rise hence the urgent need for more specific and detailed answers! This is where concierge medicine really shines. Concierge medicine typically reduces the patient overload thus allowing physicians to establish a more intimate and solution-driven relationship with their patients. This gives them an opportunity to actually dive deeper and examine the possible root causes of the condition and finding long-lasting solutions.
  • It leads to prompt medical care: As opposed to an urgent care physician who interacts with dozens of patients on a daily basis, concierge medicine allows the doctor to be familiar with a patient’s health history and this enables him to address the issues more promptly and thoroughly.

So, what benefits does concierge Medicine offer?

At this juncture, you may be wondering whether you should transition to concierge medicine or not. Based on extensive research in the medical industry, it has been established that the driving motivation for a significant number of doctors to establish concierge medical services is to foster good patient. Instant Medical Care strives to offer unrivaled concierge medicine that is not only essential to treat various illnesses, but one that equally helps patients to avoid becoming sick. We strongly believe that by having a deep understanding of what our patients need, we can provide high-quality personalized medical care to solve your needs.

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